The Names of the Holy Ka'bah

It has been called the Holy Ka'bah because of its cube shape. This name has been given to it on account of its elevation and projection. It is also called the Ancient House, Al-Bait Al-Haram and Al-Bannia. We swear by the Lord of this Bannia to verify that so and so is genuine. It is further known as Abraham's Building and Qibla because we turn our faces towards it in our prayers. Still, another name is Al-Hamsaa, and Quraishites were traced back to it and hence known as Al-Hums. Furthermore, it is called the Continuously-Visited House based on two views, one of which refers to the interpretation of the Qur'anic verse: 4 the Continuously-Visited House , and the other view is that there exists in heaven a Sacred House directly above the Holy Ka'bah. (37 p. 126)

Black and white photo of the Holy Ka'bah

Old Black and white photograph of the Holy Ka'bah

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