location or the Holy Ka'bah on the Globe

It is said that the Holy Site on which the Ancient Divine House was built is the centre of the earth and is the place from which the earth was extended to a wider expanse. In his book entitled `Al-Maslak Al-Mutaqasit fi Al-Mansak Al-Mutawasit', Mulla Ali Qari mentioned the glorification of the Holy Site, quoting Mujahid (may his soul rest in peace) who was the chief interpreter of the Holy Qur'an.

"Verily, when Allah, the Almighty, created His Throne on the water two thousand years before the creation of the earth and the sky, He cast a look on the water, and manifested Himself on the air. The water was turbulent and there emerged from it a rising smoke from which the sky was created. Also there appeared on the surface of the water a piece or a twinkling light in the spot from which the earth came into being. It was then extended to a wider expanse from its sides and borders. That is why Makkah is called Umm Ul Qura, as that piece of land looked like a plate oscillating and swaying all the while and did not come to stand still till heavy mountains were pierced into it like stakes. Of them the first mountain was Jabal Abu Qubais, and this came to be known as the `Mother of Mountains'. The Holy Ka'bah was then built on that site". (34 p. 98)

The Miller arabic map

The Attributes of the Holy Ka'bah Glorified by Allah, the Supreme. Miller : Arabic Maps (Vol.. V, Pages 154-155). The Position of the Islamic Coutries with Respect to Makkah Al-Mukarram by Al-Safaqsi 958 H./1551 AD.

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