The Builders of the Holy Ka'bah

Prilgrim holding the threshold of the Holy Ka'bah's door

Prilgrims holding the threshold of the Holy Ka'bah's door

History books mention eleven builders who rebuilt the Sacred House. Some of these views are presumptive while others are indisputable. But among those who were mentioned to have built the Holy Ka'bah are the following:

  1. The Angels (peace be upon them).
  2. Adam (peace be upon him). It was said that it was built by Adam (peace be upon him) assisted by the Angels (peace be upon them).
  3. Seth Ibn Adam (peace be upon them).
  4. Abraham in collaboration with his son Ismail (peace be upon them).
  5. AI-Amaliqah.
  6. Jurhum.
  7. Qusai, the fourth grandfather of Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him).
  8. Quraish. Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him) was present during this construction and participated, five years before his mission, by carrying the stones with the help of his uncle AI-Abbas to the site of the building. He also played a wise role in settling who was eligible to put the Black Stone in its place.
  9. Abdullah lbn Al-Zubair (may Allah be pleased with them) in the year 65 H. This was after the siege of AI-Husayn Ibn Numair, who came with his army on behalf of Yazeed Ibn Muawiyah to wage war against lbn AI-Zubair. He attacked the Holy Ka'bah with catapults, causing its walls to collapse and burn. This necessitated its complete demolition and reconstruction after the withdrawal of Al-Husayn and his army.
  10. AI-Hajjaj in the year 74 H. In fact, the construction by AI-Hajjaj is not considered as a comprehensive addition as it was only the demolition of the additions made by Ibn AI-Zubair.
  11. The Ottoman Sultan, Murad Khan, in the year 1040 H., after most of the sides of the Holy Ka'bah were destroyed as a consequence of heavy rains and torrents which flooded Makkah on the afternoon and evening of Thursday 20th Sha'ban, 1039 H.

Those were the builders of the Holy Ka'bah through history. The main aim and objective of writing this record is to shed light on the architectural setup in the history of the Holy Ka'bah. As previously mentioned, some of the views are presumptive. Our statement is confined to the concise summing up of the history of the construction of the Holy Ka'bah which is historically and lawfully valid. This includes the building by Abraham, in collaboration with his son Ismail (peace be upon them), and the building by Quraish to which Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him) contributed when he was thirtyfive years old. Add to this, the building by Abdullah Ibn Al-Zubair, and the demolition of those additions by Al-Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf Al-Thaqafi, and the building by the Ottoman Sultan, Murad Khan in 1040 H. This leads us up to the subject of this great, historical record which is the complete and comprehensive renovations of the edifice of the Holy Ka'bah made by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. May Allah prolong his life and bestow upon him good health and success in all his future endeavours.

The Builders of the
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