TAC-750/450 are Professional VHF/UHF Base & Repeater Staton, High Reliable and Long Life equipment, the units are designed in plug-in-module concept for easy checking and servicing, they are Exciter, Power Amplifier, Receiver, Power Supply and Switch Radio specification is high selectivity etc. It can be racked in cabinet.


  • Easily configured for Duplex, Simplex, etc.
  • High Power Exciters can be used alone for 1-25 watt applications
  • Transmitter power adjustable over a wide range
  • Internal links for flat or emphasised audio response
  • Wide Receiver and Transmitter frequency spreads
  • Remote monitoring channel
  • Front panel display of alarm functions
  • System monitoring and service made easy
  • Low signal alarm adjustable -140 to -7dBm
  • Automatic protection with power reduction
  • Simulcast and Voting compatible
  • Monitor speaker included in Receiver
  • Fully rated linear Power Supply available

    • 100 Channel capacity Modular construction
    • Separate High Power Amplifiers can 25-150 watts
    • Individually programmable CTCSS/DCS
    • Programmable processor controlled repeater
    • Synthesized design with programming by PC through front panel RS232 port on each Reciever and Transmitter
    • The 19" rack module
    • Direct FSK data transmission options
    • Balanced 4 wire 600 Ohm
    • Separate sub-audible ports
    • Isolated DC loop for PTT and COR Functions
    • Built in diagnostics
    • Signal strength adaptive noise squelch
    • All modules operate from 13.8 Vdc supply